Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anthology Submissions Tally: December

We've now completed our third month of readings. Those who submitted stories to us during the month of December will be receiving notification of our editorial decisions regarding their submissions within the week. Here are the results of our December readings:

  • Total # of queries = 14
  • Total # of greenlighted queries = 13
  • Total # of actual new submissions = 12
  • Total # of re-submissions from previous month(s) = 2
  • Total # of 2nd readings that were re-considered = 3
Disposition of submissions:
  • Accepted = 4 (3 new / 1 re-submission)
  • Rejected = 10 (7 new / 3 second readings)
  • Held for second reading = 3
  • Revisions requested from authors = 0

Friday, January 25, 2008

Tips from the December Submissions...


  • We want to experience terror from the stories - not suffer nightmares from the grammar. Line edit, proofread, line edit some more, proofread. Repeat until verb tenses agree, the punctuation doesn't upstage your characters, and sentences enjoy self-actualization.

  • The stories that are blowing our socks off are the ones with a strong sense of setting and mood. Avoid the clich├ęd gay bar scene unless you possess the extraordinary talent to bring something mind-numbingly unique to the table.

  • Subtle endings are fine if executed well. Watch for endings that fall flat or take the action from 60 mph to a complete halt within the span of mere sentences.