Monday, February 25, 2008

Anthology Submissions Tally: January

We've now completed our fourth month of readings. Those who submitted stories to us during the month of January will be receiving notification of our editorial decisions regarding their submissions within the week. Here are the results of our January readings:
  • Total # of queries = 24
  • Total # of greenlighted queries = 23
  • Total # of actual new submissions = 20
  • Total # of re-submissions from previous month(s) = 3
  • Total # of 2nd readings that were re-considered = 4

Disposition of submissions:

  • Accepted = 3 (2 new / 1 re-submission)
  • Rejected = 23 (17 new / 2 re-submissions / 4 second readings)
  • Held for second reading = 1
  • Revisions requested from authors = 0

Tips from the January Submissions...

  • If we're open enough to reconsider your work and request changes, either make the changes or politely withdraw the piece. Don't re-submit the same story with one or two minor revisions to placate us. We're going to notice; then, we're going to reject your work.

  • It doesn't take an authentic gay person to imbue a work with an authentic gay POV. It takes talent.

  • Please. We beg of more man-hating lesbians.

  • There's a difference between seamlessly weaving keen political commentary throughout the fabric of a story and dropping a political rant into the middle of it. Save the political speeches for Barack Obama - chances are, he's better at them.