Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Anatomy of a Blog...

Why a blog, you ask?

  • Because the world needs another blog? No.
  • Because we have nothing better to do? Hardly.
  • Because submissions are down and we’re bored? Nope – business is healthy.
  • Because we’re here, we’re queer, and you’d better get used to it? Different day, different blog.
  • Because behind-the-scenes stuff is interesting? OK.
  • Because we have OCD and this is a great way of staying organized? Getting warmer.
  • Because communication is a good thing and will keep the emails down? Starting to sizzle.

We thought we’d create this blog to chronicle our adventures in anthology-land. We’ll be using this space to send out general updates to those who’ve submitted to us, summarize each month’s submission statistics in terms of queries, subs, acceptances, rejections and that kind of thing, post our general thoughts about what’s passing across our desks, and announcements regarding the anthology. Hopefully, along the way, folks will glean some insight into the background workings of putting a project like this together.

Maybe we’ll be mildly entertained. Maybe we’ll all learn a thing or two.

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