Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We Are Officially...

...behind a bit on the April submissions. Happily, we were inundated with last minute queries before the May 15th deadline. The downside to that influx is that our reading schedule got thrown a bit.

Our revised target is to finish up with the April submissions within the next two weeks. Hopefully, by the time we post April's submissions recap, we'll be well on our way through the final batch of May submissions and the small handful of stories we've been holding for a second reading. We know that waiting to hear back on the fate of one's blood-sweat-and-tears creation is the least favorite aspect of the craft for most writers. Please know that we're sensitive to this and are endeavoring to get back to those who've submitted in as timely a timeframe as possible - without sacrificing the time and attention we devote to each submission.

Thanks for your patience!

The Editors

Reminder: Submissions of stories that received a green light during the query process are due no later than midnight EST on Friday, May 30th.

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