Sunday, September 21, 2008

Table of Contents

Peeking inside the closet...

Introduction: The Case for Closets / Vince A. Liaguno
Opening the Box / Chad Helder
Emmeline / C. J. Lines
The Bloomsbury Nudes / Jameson Currier
Epistle of the Sleeping Beauty / Jan Vander Laenen
Cask / Jude Wright
Black Annis / Joy Marchand
Memento Mori / Elissa Malcohn
The Shallows / Gary McMahon
I Am the Shadow That Walks There / Michelle Scalise
Bluff / L. A. Fields
In Her Mirrors, Dimly / Maria Alexander
The Portico Angel / Kevin W. Reardon
Vourdalak / Michael Hacker
Memory Box / Reesa Brown
Double Walker / Lisa Morton
Sublet / Rick R. Reed
I’m Your Violence / Lee Thomas
The Engine of Desire / Livia Llewellyn
The Boys of Bald Cave / C. Michael Cook
Prayers of the Living / Erin MacKay
The Next Big Thing / Christopher Fox
The Shaping / Scott Nicholson
A Letter from Phoenix / Kealan Patrick Burke
The Agathas / Sarah Langan

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