Thursday, January 8, 2009

'Unspeakable' Reviews...

From Fear Zone, an excerpt:

“In reflecting on this book, I'm reminded of how much fine work is being produced by the indie press. Liaguno and Helder, to their credit, took their time in producing the finest anthology possible, and the finished product doesn't disappoint. On the whole, Unspeakable is a highly recommended read for all horror fans, as it offers something for everyone. Lovers of the dark, the literary, the gruesome, and even the disgusting, will find something to treasure.” – Fear Zone (Full Review)

(Our sincerest thanks to reviewer Derek Clendening and Fear Zone editor Greg Lamberson!)

From Horror World, an excerpt:

"Whether you’re a fan of crime, mystery, fantasy or straight-up horror, chances are something that lurks in this anthology’s closet will reach out and grab you. And if you wind up sleeping with the lights will have gotten your money’s worth." - Horror World (Full Review)

(Our sincerest thanks to reviewer Martel Sardina and Horror World editor Nanci Kalanta!)

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