Monday, March 24, 2008

Tips From the February Submissions...

  • Interesting month. On the upside, there was nary a psycho tranny nor man-hating lesbian in sight. That was downright refreshing, and you have our eternal thanks.

  • On the downside, there were several solid stories that were creative in concept and competent in execution but derailed in the final act from over-ambition or predictability.

  • We're winding down now in the process so the "wow" factor is critical for your story to move ahead in the process. The good news is that we're receiving far more good stories than bad; the bad news is that the stories need to be great.

  • Narratives that are little more than rambling, free-association aren't making the grade. Think characters, plot, conflict...

  • Characters need motives, and they need to act on those motives in a manner logical to the situation you've placed them in, to the time period and setting, and to themselves.

  • Most satisfying literary tickle of the month: "jingoistic claptrap." Pure word harmony!

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